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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The top 100 films of the 21st century

The BBC has just announced the results of a survey looking for the most highly regarded films of the 21st Century so far.  I looked at the list and realised I had only seen two of them.  Oh dear, I am not a film buff.   I am not an intellectual, either.  With many of these films, I would rather watch an episode of the Open University on fluid dynamics than endure some of the pretentious tripe loved by film critics.

My watched ones were:

6. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2006) which I quite enjoyed but am amazed it ranks at number 6..  I saw it at the cinema with Agent DVD
45. Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013).  Borrowed Agent DVD's Blu-ray. Quite enjoyed it (parts of it quite a lot indeed). Very pretentiously French.

I wonder how many Agent DVD has seen? 

The number one film was David Lynch's Mulholland Drive which, of course, I haven't seen, although partly because the DVD version is cut compared with the cinema version, something I hate.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Great Britain's ladies hockey team win gold

Georgie Twigg, Shona McCallin and Sam Quek

Having featured two beautiful ladies from the Dutch and British Olympic hockey teams in the last week we had to watch the final last night.  This shot of three of the British ladies, at the beginning of the game,  is our favourite still of the games.  Three superbly fit women. oozing confidence and ready to go and take on the Dutch.

 Britain had to fight back from a losing position to draw level at 3-3 and bring on a penalty shoot out.  Now, Triple P doesn't watch football but even we know that England are hopeless at penalty shootouts and invariable go out of major tournaments if it comes to one (usually to the Germans).  So a British team in a penalty shootout didn't bode well.

Hockey penalty shootouts are not just one shot at goal like in football, however, the players have eight seconds to try to get in and score.  This involves a lot more tactical decision making on the part of both penalty taker and goalie than the boot and hope for the best (at least in England's case) approach in football.

As the shootout went on it became clear that Great Britain is really good at this which means they do lots and lots of training.  England football team take note!

The Dutch ladies, who were the favourites, having won the two previous Olympic gold medals, were inconsolable afterwards while the Germans looked really happy with their bronze.  Incidentally, it was interesting to note that the Dutch ladies did not look nearly so attractive wearing black rather than their usual orange. 

Helen and Kaye Richardson-Walsh after their gold medal ceremony

Incidentally, British Captain Kate Richardson Walsh and her wife (they married in 2013) Helen, who is also in the gold medal team, became the first same sex married couple to win an Olympic gold medal.  Helen nearly had to give up hockey after a severe back injury a couple of years ago.  Top job, ladies!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Olympic hockey babe 2: Samantha Quek

Congratulations to the Great Britain women's hockey team for qualifying for the Olympic final for the first time, beating New Zealand yesterday to continue their unique unbeaten record at the championships.

Quek (left) celebrates yesterday

There are some very attractive ladies in the British team and none more so than the delicious Samantha Quek.   Quek, 27, is from Liverpool and has a Spoirts and Exercise Science degree from Leeds Metropolitan University.

The 5' 6" tall Quek has captained Great Britain during the Champions Trophy in Argentina in 2014 despite playing the whole tournament with two broken ribs.

She was part of the team that won the European Championships Gold medal in 2015 being given the man (surely some mistake) of the match award in the final against the Netherlands.

 Great Britain is facing double Olympic champions the Netherlands again in Friday's final but although the Dutch are the hot favourites you wouldn't want to bet against Great Britain the way they are playing at present.  Good luck ladies!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Olympic hockey babe 1: Ellen Hoog

We have to say that we haven't really engaged with the Rio Olympics.  Partly, that is because we missed the whole first week due to Cowes Week, partly it is because of the time difference and partly it is because it is in Brazil, a horrible country we had the misfortune to visit a few years ago.  The Olympic promotion of an unpleasant country, who try to use the games to persuade the rest of the world that they are a great country, always reminds us of Berlin in 1936 (see also Moscow 1980).  We didn't watch the Beijing Olympics for the same reason.  

Triple P did stay up last night to watch the men's 400m (briefly, when we were at school we held a regional record in the event) and the 100m (why is multiple drugs cheat Justin Gatlin allowed in the Olympics?  Glad to hear him being booed by the crowd and glad Bolt pulverised him).

So we haven't done our usual in depth research on Olympic babes but as the hockey is on at present we thought it is worth taking another look at veteran (she is now thirty) Dutch player Ellen Hoog.  We looked at the Dutch Women's Hockey team in 2012 and they are after a third gold medal this year. 

Since Hoog's second gold medal in London she has had her world babeness recognised by Sports Illustrated and did a pictorial with fellow team member Eva de Goede in 2013.  And very Goede they looked too.

Unlike some miserable British sportswomen, they don't feel that posing in swimsuits or lingerie demeans them and detracts from their sporting achievements.  They know it adds to their commercial power and money as well as making a statement that a fit body is something youngsters should aspire too.

The Dutch team have been pretty unbeatable for years although they faltered in last year's European Championships in London, when they lost to Great Britain in a penalty shootout.

Unbeaten Britain play in the quarter finals today and the Dutch take on Argentina tomorrow so we hope Ellen socks it to the Argies!  A British hockey girl next!