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Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year with Wei Wei Yu

Today is Chinese New Year and the beginning of the year of the horse so here, to celebrate, is the surprisingly curvy Miss China 2013 Wei Wei Yu.

There are, of course, two separate international contests for national beauty queens:  the American Miss Universe contest and the British-founded Miss World.  Miss Yu is Miss World China so was an entry in the Miss World competition 

Wei Wei won Miss China at her third attempt and so went to Bali in September for the 2013 competition which, with 127 contestants. was the biggest Miss World in history.  Sadly, Wei Wei didn't make the top 20 but did make the top eleven in the beach fashion contest.

Born in Xi'an, the Chinese capital during the Tang dynasty she studied music at university and is a talented pianist and opera singer.

Wei Wei is a willowy 5'10" tall and apart from her musical talents is also keen on calligraphy and Taekwondo.  


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big Breakfast of the Week 17: Haggis!

It was Burns night last Saturday and Triple P spotted the impressive display of haggis on sale in Waitrose so thought he would pick up a small one for dinner.  Haggis, of course, when Triple P was younger, had a reputation in England as being just about the most disgusting thing you could eat and the confirmation that the Scots were, indeed, barbarians who quite rightly should be separated from England by a very large wall.

"Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the puddin-race!"

However, over the last twelve months we have been making regular visits to Edinburgh which, we have discovered is very far from being populated by barbarians and, on the contrary, is really very civilised.  Tastes are much more catholic in England too compared with, say thirty-five years agom with many people having had very exotic foods at home and abroad.  So when we first had some haggis at breakfast in Edinburgh last year we shouldn't have been surprised that not only was it not disgusting but that it was actually delicious.  

Anyway having had half on Burns night we decided to have the rest for a big breakfast on Monday morning with a couple of fried duck eggs, some sausages, tomato and baked beans.  Altogether splendid!  

Friday, January 24, 2014

National Peanut Butter Day

1954 advertisement

Today is National Peanut butter day, at least in the United States.  Agent Triple P has been eating peanut butter since he was very small and always has a jar in the fridge.  First created in 1890s in St Louis, Missouri, it suffered, in its early years from the oil and solids separating. It wasn't until Heinz homogenised the peanuts in 1923 that it stopped separating and really became popular.

Americans, disgustingly, eat peanut butter with jelly (a sort of insipid version of jam, we believe).  Jelly, in Britain is what Americans refer to, catchily, as gelatin based dessert. This bizarre peanut butter and jelly combination is popular because, as with most foods there, Americans pump sugar into it.  So, for Triple P's taste, America peanut butter is cloyingly sweet and inedible (around 11% sugar).  In Britain peanut butter is a savoury product.

Agent Triple P's favourite is Whole Earth  no added sugar crunchy peanut butter (3.8% sugar).  We much prefer the crunchy to the smooth, which has nursery connotations to us. 

We had one girlfriend who liked peanut butter as well but our one attempt at using it for erotic play was not a success.  It simply does not have the play value of, for example, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, ice cream or even honey.  It is just too sticky.  Better inside than out!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kelly Brook at the National Television Awards

Kelly has been getting some stick in the press today for wearing a "too revealing" outfit at last night's National Television Awards.  Given Agent Triple P can't really understand the concept of "Kelly Brook" and "too revealing" in the same sentence we suppose it's the same old ugly women moaning again as usual.  Anyway, much of the problem was the usual one of strong flashlights on black material over bare skin (no doubt as Kelly well knew).

More worryingly, amongst the comments online, there is a trend for "right on" politically correct men to start wading into these arguments.  We really don't understand men who start banging on about the supposed objectifying of women, given actually most women we know don't.  Are they trying to impress their Time Out reading girlfriends?  Are they homosexual?   Are they communists?  It's very strange.  Triple P's immediate thought when he reads something like this is that they are traitors!  

Men and women are fundamentally different.  They are never going to be the same.  There will always be a "war" between the two.  I do not believe that women are in any way inferior to men (rather the opposite, actually) but trying to force men to suppress their natural urge to admire attractive women (which is what a lot of this stuff is about) is pointless.  Also, as long as most women continue to define themselves by the way they look (and this isn't men setting these standards) then they will not achieve more (not total) equality.  I recently looked at the women's supplement to the Mail on Sunday and came away feeling profoundly depressed by the huge waste of resources involved in injecting fashion into just about everything they own.  I don't think much of the current President of France but the revelation that he only owns one pair of shoes put him in a better light.  Sensible chap.  He's running a country he shouldn't be worrying about shoes.

Of course if you do define yourself by the way you look, even a bit (which most men certainly don't), then someone who looks better than you is going to be annoying.  Kelly Brook certainly looked better than most last night and, as usual, has attracted most of the press today.  Job done for her.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Calendar Girl January 2014: Kelly Brook

We are going to try to get our calendar girls posted on time this year so we will start with Kelly Brook who was in the news a lot last year for breaking up with boyfriends, getting back together with boyfriends, getting new boyfriends. being called fat, going on a diet etc. etc.

Her publicist deserved a medal in the New Year's Honours list for the amount of coverage he got her in 2013.  She even had a temporary slot on the appalling Keith Lemon Celebrity Juice TV show and is now tipped to get a permanent job on it as poor old Holly Willoughby is worn out by all the hard work she has to do and needs a rest. 

Lots of wimmin on Yahoo news dole out lashings of green-eyed invective whenever another gripping new article appears about her. "Kelly leaves house", "Kelly walks along street" etc,  All of these are mere place holders for the arrival of the next major spike in her PR coverage chart: "Kelly shows of her bikini body", "Kelly in new lingerie range", "Kelly topless on beach" etc.

"What is the point of Kelly Brook?" moan the wimmin (and a few tragic men who are trying to placate their wives or girlfriends).  Actually, she has two points but she is just there, of course, to look utterly lovely and improve the world around her: like the Taj Mahal, Venice, the Grand Canyon or the Rokeby Venus.  That is point enough surely.

Anyway, she has a rather good calendar out herself for 2014 from which these pictures are taken. Although our particular friend S from Vancouver felt that they had overdone the Photoshop on her face to the point that she actually doesn't look like herself.

We think that she may have a slight point here but you don't have to look at her face if you don't want to as there is much else to admire.  In fact, we would venture that this is Kelly's finest calendar for some time.

We have left our favourite two images from the calendar until last.  We really like the splendid retro one above and the one below is unusually revealing for a Kelly calendar shot these days.

A good start to 2014!