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Monday, April 29, 2013

That's no moon...

Agent Triple P has no idea what Kim Kardashian is.  She seems to feature regularly in the trashy internet media (i.e. Yahoo news) and appears to be more well known in Britain now than  a few years ago, when only Americans seemed to know who she was.

Sometimes we find a picture that is so bizarre that we become fixated upon it and this is one of those.  Ms Kardashian is, we believe, the very pregnant lady on the right.  Full points to her for having nothing to do with frumpy maternity fashion, especially when you are about to give birth to the Death Star.

Ms Kardashian also appears to be channeling steampunk as she appears to have a chimney on her head.  The really odd thing about this picture is the droopy looking woman on the left.  Yahoo News didn't bother to name her, but I gather there are tribes of these Kardashians so it could be another one.  Oddly, she appears to have forgotten to put her skirt on thus revealing a pair of tights at least two sizes too small.

This picture is so awkward and completely lacking any positive aesthetic element that we love it!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why don't mobile phones work in supermarkets?

Agent Triple P was in his local supermarket today and tried to phone someone but, as usual couldn't get a signal without walking all the way to the doorway.  There's nothing more frustrating than phoning someone up to, for example, ask what they want for dinner and as soon as you approach the shelves again your signal dies so you have to go back to the doorway.  It's not just the local branch of Tesco's either but all the other supermarkets in the area.  Perhaps it's because they are very large buildings but we go into other large buildings, airport terminals, department stores and such and don't find this problem.

Are the supermarkets deliberately blanking out phone signals so you can't do price comparisons or is it to foil rival stores; mystery shoppers?  

It's all very odd and annoying!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Calendar Girl April: Georgia Salpa

Here is another young lady Agent Triple P had never heard of until we started this post: Greek/Irish model Georgia Salpa.  She appears to be much beloved of FHM as she has appeared in the magazine a number of times and, indeed, finished a lofty fifth in their 2012 Sexiest women "poll".

Miss Salpa was actually born in Athens to a Greek father and an Irish mother, the result of a holiday romance, although her look is resolutely Mediterranean.  She only spoke Greek until she moved to Ireland with her mother when she was four.  As a child she had a lazy eye and had to wear glasses and an eyepatch. By the time she was fourteen, however, she had blossomed to the extent that she was talent spotted on the street by Select Model Management. She temporarily moved to London but hated modelling and went back home after just a fortnight.

A few years later and 17 year old Georgia was on holiday back in Greece when all her friends started contacting her and telling her that she was in FHM.  Her boyfriend had sent in a picture of her in a bikini to FHM's first High Street Honeys competition in 2002 without telling her.  Embarrassed by the attention she nonetheless started flying to London to do modelling shoots and as a top ten finalist appeared in a Sky One reality show shot in the Canary Islands.

 Georgia for FAS

Georgia on the bus

She returned to Ireland and signed on with an Irish modelling agency 1st Options, although work didn't exactly flood in.  This all changed when she appeared in a series of advertisements for FAS, the Irish national training and employment agency, and started to appear on posters all over Ireland.  People on internet forums started asking who the girl in the FAS advertisements was although Georgia was hurt by some of the rude comments about her hair and her "obviously" fake-looking bust.  The campaign was so successful that it ran for four years with Georgia being re-photographed in the same outfit (the red H&M top was her own) every year.

An earlier picture of Georgia

This and a subsequent deal with Irish store Brown Thomas to model underwear launched her in a career where she is almost always posing in bikinis or underwear, not surprisingly given her outrageous figure.    There has been a lot of speculation as to whether that bust is real and she always claims it is, only admitting to having had some work done on her lips.

My, how I have grown!

Others at some of those "has she or hasn't she"-type plastic surgery sites reckon that not only has she had her bust done but her chin and cheeks as well.  She does appear to be bigger up top than when she first emerged as a model but then she was only a teenager then so could have filled out naturally.  We have seen a brief video of her where she had some real-looking wobble in her bust which is usually not the case with implants.

Passes the Agent Triple P "does she look good in a white vest?" test

Agent Triple P, of course, cannot stand silicone enhanced women and so would love to give her the benefit of the doubt.  

Recently FHM has been using her photograph to publicise their 2013 edition of 100 Sexiest Women which is published shortly.  Could she be number one this year?  FHM are certainly pushing her enough.

Sick of being constantly compared with Kim Kardashian she has said that she might consider plastic surgery if she could enhance her behind. This picture from the FHM 100 Sexiest Woman 2013 launch indicates that, for some tastes, she is not quite as developed in that area as she is up front. Still, it hasn't stopped Simon Cowell prowling around her lately.

Here we can see that apart from the small bottom she also has very skinny legs which are certainly lacking the more sculpted look that Triple P prefers.

She is 5'8" tall but her vital statistics seem to vary: 30F-25-35 is mentioned several times.

The crinkly hair of her early modelling days has been replaced by a much smoother looking mane. Triple P has had several Greek girlfriends (by one definition anyway) and we loved their blue-black hair (and not just on their heads).

We have to say that if her bust is plastic then it has been done very well. There is nothing of the shiny Hollywood hemispheres in this enticing shot. She has never done any topless work (she is rather modest and shy in real life, it seems) so it is very hard to judge.

In January 2012 her profile was raised much more by her participation in Celebrity Big Brother although, as is often the case with attractive women in shows like these, she didn't last very long.

Triple P's particular friend S in Vancouver has a nice line in lacy catsuits so we had to include this fine example.

When we started to write this piece we had already decided that Miss Salpa was a plastic, self-obsessed dolly and finding out that she had been the girlfriend of serial dolly-shagger Callum Best did nothing to disabuse us of this view.

However, interestingly, most journalists who have interviewed her have been taken by her naturalness and pleasant character. Although we don't usually go for big busted women (and silicone busted ones not at all) we have decided that we rather approve of Miss Salpa and we are particularly taken by her strong Greek nose and limpid brown eyes.

Finally, to end, we have Georgia as Lara Croft!